"Go for it now. The future is not promised to anyone."  ~Wayne Dyer

I use NLP as part of my coaching toolkit because put simply NLP brings about change fast.  It's useful in a variety of scenarios:

  • When a client wants clarity on the direction of their life
  • To get over a traumatic event which is keeping them stuck
  • When a client if finding it hard to ditch their limiting self beliefs
  • To overcome stress and anxiety in a variety of situations 
  • To make an important decision  


 NLP can be used standalone and in conjunction with traditional coaching and hypnotherapy. It's all about using the tools to get your where you want to be as quickly as possible.   


I use hypnotherapy regularly in my coaching sessions for a variety of reasons, including relaxation and to help my clients feel motivated. It's also very effective as a stand alone therapy for a range of things including: lack of confidence, fears and phobias e.g. fear of spiders or public speaking, establishing healthy habits and insomnia. 


Email me or use the book now button to discuss any help you need. If you have never been hypnotised before, I will do a complementary mini hypnosis session with you to make sure you feel comfortable.   

Women in midlife, typically 45+ come to me for coaching when they realise they've got 15+ years of working life ahead of them and that thought fills them with despair.

The realisation could be triggered by stress at work, a change in personal circumstances or simply having more time to reflect and think about themselves.  I'll show you how to use that trigger as the most powerful motivation to change your life. 

What do you really want? Let's find out together. Maybe you want to retrain, work in a different sector, start your own business or simply get a better work-life balance. 

Please contact me today to book a complementary, no strings, initial consultation or simply click the book now button to go straight to my calendar and book in.

My  coaching focuses on building your confidence. It's the basis for all the changes you want to make.  I use proven coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy techniques to change your negative self beliefs to positive ones, to quickly help you feel motivated and insipired. 

Take a moment and imagine waking up every day looking forward to the challenge, knowing you have the confidence to succeed and to shine.  

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How would you like to be confident and motivated every day