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I have been training, coaching and mentoring individuals and teams for over 25 years, firstly during my IT career and more recently, as a qualified and accredited coach.  


I am indendentantly accredited life coach (with the international coaching body the IAPC&M). Accreditation is an independant validation of my skills. This is important, it means  you can relax knowing you are in safe hands. Here is the list of my qualifications and accrediations: 


  • ​Accredited Practitioner Coach with the IAPC&M
  • LCH Coaching Dip - Achievement Specialists
  • NLP Practitioner - NLP Academy
  • Accredited NLP Practitioner - ABNLP
  • Rapid Induction hypnotherapist - Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute 
  • Member of Complementary Medicine Association

A coaching relationship has to be built on trust and mutual respect.  It's  crucial that you work with someone who has "walked in your shoes" to some extent and can understand what you are experiencing right now.  Below is my story and the reason why I work with professional women who are stressed, anxious and unhappy. 


I worked on global IT projects for 20+years. In my 50s realised that I was rapidly approaching burn out. I'd sit at my desk - head in hands, not really knowing how I was going to get through the day.  I was working longer and longer hours just to stay on top of things. I was doing all this while my confidence slowly ebbed away. Even simple tasks caused me stress. I wasn't sleeping, or looking after myself well. Outside I may have appeared fairly normal, inside I was falling apart.   


With the help of a wonderful coach, I retrained and then started my own business in my 50s. I never thought I'd have the confidence to do any of those things. 


I promise to proivide you with a non-judgemental space where you can open and honestly explore your new world and find your answers.  I promise always to work with your success in mind.  Supporting you to make changes in your life as quickly as possible. 

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