• How to find your dream business

    Let’s assume that after a lot of soul searching there is no doubt you want to be self-employed. The first challenge is defining your business. What is your business going to do and who is it going to serve? It’s crucial your business reflects your uniqueness, strengths, and passion. If it does, you will be on the road to success because people will respond to your genuine passion. Your essence will shine through and that will attract your audience to you. It’s time to brainstorm. Exercise 1: …

  • You’re never to old - or are you? Age-related bias is it affecting you?

    Age-related biases and stereotypes are all around us, and they can have a significant impact on our confidence and sense of self-worth. As women over 50, you may have encountered these biases firsthand – whether it's being passed over for a job or promotion, feeling invisible in social situations, or simply feeling like you're no longer relevant or desirable. But here's the thing: these biases are based on outdated ideas and have no basis in reality. In fact, women over 50 have a wealth of knowl…

  • Are You Afraid of Success?

    It is a known phenomenon that many would be great snooker players simply can’t deal with success.  They never get over the match winning line. They have talent but never become real winnders.   

    This is like life.  Ask yourself how comfortable you are with the idea of being the best, of being successful?  

  • Fight, Flight and Hot Flushes

    I found I was much more likely to experience the fight, flight or freeze stress response - that happens under extreme stress.  I thought my stress was getting worse and I was getting less able to cope. Resulting in my confidence and self-esteem hitting rock bottom.

  • Women and stress - some facts and figures

    Stress in the work place is more of an issue now, than it was pre-covid.  So please don't judge yourself if you are struggling.  It's a serious business. Look at these facts and figures. 

    In this post I am sharing some facts and figures.