Are You Afraid of Success?

    Embracing Success

    I was at a snooker match yesterday watching a match between one of the high seeded players and a less well-known player. Yes guilty secret - I’m a huge snooker fan.

    The less well-known player – we’ll call him Chris - was playing well from the start. His confidence grew during the first frame. You could see the time in between his shots decreased, his body language looked more and more confident.  Before long he had won the first two frames.

    The top player – we’ll call him Fred was visibly losing his confidence. Was he going to be well and truly beaten?

    Trying to win is not the same as wanting to win

    It’s the psychological element of the game that is a fascinating as the game itself.  The good commentators are players themselves, so their comments are always enlightening.

    The light bulb question yesterday was:   “Would Chris be able to deal with winning” if not he'd never get over the winning line. He'd in effect get in his own way. 

    Are you comfortable with winning

    It is a known phenomenon that many would be great players simply can’t deal with success.  They never get over the match winning line.

    Snooker is like life

    We get used to struggling to be successful. This is often externalised. I’ll be successful when I “get that job” or “live in a bigger house” or “drive a newer car”.   When we get those things – of course after a while we are waiting for the next external thing to arrive/happen.

    By externalising we are always deferring that feeling of success. 

    Internalising success makes it real

    Stop externalising and consider what you have achieved. Make success real, make it now.  Onc eyou accept the success of where you are right now, it’s easier to accept the "next stage" of success. It’s incremental and not an on/off scenario.

    Practising self appreciation regularly helps to train our sub-conscious into believing we are already successful. After that the only question is not if , it's how can we be more succesful.   


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