Women and stress - some facts and figures

    Stress in the work place is more of an issue now, than it was pre-covid.  I am sharing some research. So please don't judge yourself if you are struggling.  It's a serious business. Look at these facts and figures. 

    • Research by 360Learning.com (link) found that
      • 25% of women have or are planning to leave their jobs due to burnout. Compared to 21% of men. 
      • 18% of women have resigned due to feeling unfulfilled at work.
    • A recent report published by Indeed.com (link)reported that employee burnout is on the rise. 52% of all workers are feeling burnt out. That is a rise of 9% on pre-covid figures.
    • A Labour Force survey reported (link)
      • In 2021/2022 914,000 workers were suffering from stress.
      • Stress, depression and anxiety accounted for 55% of all lost working days. 

     Don't let your stress turn to burnout.  This can result in ill health and consequently lost income will make it even worse.

    I'm always happy to chat if you need support. Drop me an email. 


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